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    Welcome to PredIQament escape rooms. Escape Rooms are a highly interactive, live action gaming experience. They give you the opportunity to live out an adventure like you never thought possible.

  • Your decisions will have consequences.

    PredIQament takes the world of escape rooms to a whole new level. In our rooms, your choices affect how you will escape and the outcome of the game.

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    You won’t know unless you try. Book your session with us now.


Our Rooms.

We currently only have one room. Others are in development right now, please subscribe to our email list and follow us on social media to be notified when new experiences are opened!

Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is an Escape Room?

An "Escape Room" is a live-action game where players are tasked with solving puzzles, discovering clues, and accomplishing tasks to achieve a specific goal in a set amount of time. Usually the goal is to escape the room, from which the the name is derived.

Is PredIQament an Escape Room?

PredIQament was inspired by escape rooms, but has embraced the idea of creating a live-action game. PredIQament offers a game with more opportunities for players to interact with and drive the experience and decide their own goals.

Is it scary?

Our current room is not built to be scary, but it has been described as intense. There will be dark places and suspenseful moments. If the experience becomes too intense for you, you are allowed to leave at any time and the rest of players can continue playing. We recommend our rooms for ages 16 and above.

How do I book if I wanna pay cash?

We can take a cash payment if you come by during business hours and reserve your future session in person. Most customers find it more convenient to book online, as we will not make a reservation without prepayment.

How long does this experience last?

Our current room lasts one hour. You will never be in the room longer than that amount of time.

When should I arrive?

Arrive no later than 15 minutes before your game time. The game will always start ON TIME. Please note if you are LATE we do NOT offer rescheduling and/or refunds. Please plan accordingly for traffic and any other potential delays.

What is your rescheduling / cancellation policy?

Bookings must be rescheduled/cancelled at least 24 hours before your reserved time.

Where do I park?

Parking can be found at blah blah blah

Will I really be locked in a room?

You will be locked in, but you will be able to ask to leave at any time.

How many people will be locked in a room with me?

There will be anywhere from 2-8 players...and maybe a mysterious guest.

What kind of interaction with there be with the "mysterious guest" ?

This guest might and is allowed to touch you, however any touching back is strictly forbidden. Any disrespectful conduct towards this guest will result in immediate disqualification of the particular participant and they will be taken out of the game.

How can I book a group of my friends that exceed the maximum occupancy of the room and still be able to play together?

Please contact us to discuss options as to how we might accommodate your group.


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